Governing Board of WB-SEC launched today the TUTORING SERBIA Programme. Ms. Marina Šolić Vojinović was appointed for programme director. The goal of this programme is to contribute to the reduction of dropout rate in Serbian primary education. The programme was developed through TUTORING advocacy Initiative (Tutoring Initiative – Dropping the Dropout Rate //TIDDR Initiative) which was initiated by WB-SEC in 2011. towards the UNICEF, The Ministry of Education and Science and Serbian Parliament.

What is it about?

TUTORING SERBIA is a prevention program addressing early school leaving (dropout) in primary education. The program aims to contribute to reducing the rate of early school-leavers  in primary education, while promoting the concept of equal opportunities for all children, volunteering work in the community, solidarity and tolerance among children and youth.

The core of this program makes learning support before or after school, i.e, a relationship that is formed between tutors (students, youth workers, volunteers) and his/her students (young person at risk to early leave the school because of learning difficulties).

TUTORING is a community program, thus the success of this program requires building of strong, lasting intersectoral partnerships between different institutions in the community, such as local governments, social work centers, schools, higher education institutions, youth offices, and civil society as well as partnerships with the community in which children and young people live, as well as constant communication with parents and care givers.