2. May 2017.

Project number: 2015/371-931

Implementation period: 22 months(18 December 2015 – 17 October 2017)

Geographical area: Republic of Serbia (cities of Prokuplje, Bela Palanka and Knjaževac)

World Vision Osterreich, Vienna, Austria
Agroinvest Foundation Serbia, Belgrade
Western Balkans Institute, Belgrade (TUTORING PROGRAM)
Pteschool Teacher Education College ’’Mihailo Palov’’, Vrsac
Cultural-information Center ”Pralipe”, Pirot

Budget: 216,770.08 EUR

Funded by: The Delegation of the European Union to the Republic of Serbia within the call for proposals: Support to the social inclusion of the most vulnerable groups, including Roma, through more diversified community-based social services, lot 2: Active inclusion initiatives for the Roma population

About the project:
RECI project enhances participation of Roma children in education.
Overall objective: to contribute to the social inclusion of Roma, through more diversified community-based services for children and their families; to contribute to the reduction of unemployment and poverty among Roma.
Specific objective: to increase participation and attainment of Roma children in early childhood education and care (ECEC) and elementary education (EE) and decrease of dropout rate in EE through the introduction of specific support measures and enhancement of child-oriented stakeholders’ cooperation.

Fore more information do not hesitate to contact Mr. Djordje Radiocic at tutoring(at)


21. December 2016. Belgrade, Serbia

Project number: SRB100-13-GR-304

Implementation period: 1 year (13 May 2013 – 12 May 2014)

Geographical coverage: Republic of Serbia (cities of Vranje, Aleksinac and Raška)

Budget: 21,777.00 US$

Funded by: Embassy of USA in the Republic of Serbia

About the project:

The overall goal of this project is to contribute to decreasing of early school leaving with focus on the particularly vulnerable, migrant and poor Southern Serbian communities in the cities of Vranje, Aleksinac and Raška through piloting the dropout prevention model of TUTORING SERBIA programme.

In addition, the project will contribute to:

- Fostering of local public private partnerships in Aleksinac, Vranje and Raška attested by the signed Memos on Cooperation and clearly assigned partners roles in tackling drop-out
- Increasing the level of importance, understanding and awareness of the early school leaving issue attested by the participation in partners discussions, schools and community changes of perception and cooperation initiative, attendance at project conferences, dissemination and multiplier effects that the process is expected to have and present in the form of a Handbook.
- Social experimentation, i.e. successful implementation of the tutoring initiative model in 3 schools measured by:
– Better achievement in specific subject/s, comprehensive knowledge increased
– Reduced number of skipping/avoiding school classes
– Better relationships formed with peers, being part of peer network, active participation in peer events and public life
– Positive feedback from parents, participating in projects meetings, recognizing program as supportive and effective
– Network parents – school – local institutions created for information sharing and joint action planning in reduction of dropout rate
– Youth friendly school teachers, minority and gender sensitive, open minded

The project has 2 phases:
1. establishing of the local PPPs (local authoritiy, schools, youth office, center for social work, youth NGOs, parents associations, etc.) that will have responsibility of implementing the TUTORING SERBIA programme in their local communities
2. Implementation of the programme – work of tutors with children, supervision of tutors and professional support to tutors

In the period May-June 2014 the evaluation of project achievements will be carried out in 3 communities.

Contact person for this project is Ms. Jelena Bubanja: tutoring(at)