Conference on child well-being and community intersectoral cooperation was held in Belgrade on Monday and Tuesday 09-10 March 2015.

The conference gathered more than 80 participants from institutions and organizations working with children as well as key note speakers from UK, Romania and Bulgaria who presented their countries best practices. Purpose of this conference was to empower local community participants from Novi Sad, Užice, Pirot and Knjaževac.

Video report from press conference you may find here:

In introductory presentations participants learned about Romanian and Bulgarian experiences in improving child well-being in the framework of EU accession process and how Serbia should learn from these experiences.  Ms. Tamara Lukšić Orlandić the national Child Protection Index coordinator revealed the latest Index data and shared information that only 619 children in Serbia are residents of social protection institutions. On other hand, she stressed that intersectoral cooperation is still lacking and that more effort is needed here. Ms. Jelena Hrnjak presented NGO Atina success story in community networking. Mr. Đorđe Radoicic from Raska municipality and Ms Angelia Roglic from elementary school Sutjeska Raska presented TUTORING SERBIA program and how child-oriented community networking can contribute to solving one community problem. Dr. Geraldine Lee-Treweek from Metropolitan Manchester University presented the child well-being system in the UK.

Ms. Nevena Stojanović, Member of Parliaments and parliamentary committee on rights of the child, Mr. Laslo Cikos, state secretary at the Ministry for Social Protection, Mr. Sasa Stefanovic, director of Serbian Network of Organizations for Children, and Ms. Mirela Oprea, secretary of Child Pact and Mr. Georgy Bogdanov, director of Bulgarian Network for Children.

TUTORING in Raska presented as good practice

TUTORING program results achieved in Raska municipality have been presented as good practice at conference ‘’Intersectoral community cooperation – child in focus’’.

Mr. Djordje Radoincic, Raska youth office coordinator presented how did it come top pilot set up TUTORING program in Raska, how local intersectoral structure has been formed, how has role and task division been carried out among local stakeholders. Djordje has presented how the local stakeholders were brought together and pointed out support provided by municipality: He also has presented two workshops on public-private partnership and implementation of the program in Raska municipality. Finaly, Djordje has presented positive experiences and satisfaction of tutors.

Ms. Andjelija Roglic, deputi-principal of elementary school Sutjeska rom Rska has presented the concrete results and outcomes of tutors individual work with pupils in risk of droping out from school, very positive experiences of children, parents and teachers and progress made in learning, behaiving and socializing of children.

Presentation of TUTORING program draw great attention of conference participants.

Conference was organized by the Agroinvest Foundation Serbia in cooperation with World Vision Austria, Network of Organizations for Children in Serbia and Western Balkans Institute WEBIN in the framework of ”Children-Oriented Community Networking” project funded by the the EU Delegation in Serbia.

Photos from this event you may find at this link HERE.

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Photos: Goran Pandža 2015