09 June 2016 Nis – First TUTORING workshops were held this week in South Serbia in the framework of the RECI project. The workshops were devoted to prevention of early school leaving and introduction od TUTORING program in 3 local communities.


One-day workshops were held in primary school Vuk Karadžić in Knjaževac (06 June), in primary school Jovan Aranđelović in Crvena reka, (07 June) and in primary school Milić Rakić Mirko in Prokuplje (08 June). Participants were primary schools staff (including directors, teachers, psychologists and pedagogists), Centers for Social Work, Local Youth Offices and local NGOs.

Workshop in Crvena reka was attended also by members of the local student parliament.

These sessions were delivered by Mrs. Andjelija Roglic and Mr. Ivan Tomic on behalf of the TUTORING program.

In the course of first workshop, the participants improved their knowledge about the risk factors and reasons of ESL, early warning and prevention mechanism, and basis of the TUTORING program. Mrs. Roglic presented to participants her experiences in implementation of the program in Raska.

In scope of RECI project, TUTORING program will be implemented in the following primary schools:                                                                                                                                               1. ‘’Vuk Karadžić’’ Knjaževac
2. ‘’Jovan Aranđelović’’, Crvena reka
3. ‘’Nikodije Stojanović Tatko’’, Prokuplje
4. ‘’Milić Rakić Mirko’’, Prokuplje.

For more information please contact Mr. Djordje Radoicic at djordje.radoicic(at)wb-institute.org.

Photos: Tijana Moraca 2016