Donation of didactical materials worth 131.711 Dinars has been handed to educational institutions in Knjazevac and Prokuplje in the framework of RECI project: ‘’Pre and Elementary Schooling of Roma: Fostering Opportunities for Greater Attainment and ESL Reduction’’.

Writing boards, projection walls, geometric sets and school supplies have been handed to elementary schools “Milic Rakic Mirko“ in Prokuplje, “Vuk Karadzic“ and “Dimitrije Todorovic Kaplar“ in Knjazevac and Preschool institutioni ‘’Bajka’’ in Knjazevac, as a donation to support enrollment and schooling of Roma children of pre and elementary school age. More than 100 vulnerable children from Roma community benefited from school supplies, while 4 schools have got necessary equipment.

“We are glad to have this opportunity to make the Christmas holidays of Roma children in Knjazevac and Prokuplje happier, but also to draw public attention to the importance of early years and early education of the youngest. We did our best to inquire the needs of children, so that we could prepare what is missing. ‘’We are glad to know that didactical means will be useful to teachers in creating warm and enabling environment for education and upbringing of  children’’ says Mr. Djordje Radoicic, TUTORING program coordinator.

This activity is organized in the framework of project ‘’Pre and elementary schooling of Roma: fostering opportunities for greater attainment and early school leaving reduction’’ (RECI) which is funded by the European Union and implemented by the World Vision Austria led consortium of partners including Agroinvest Foundation Serbia, Western Balkans Institute Belgrade, Preschool Teacher Training College ‘’Mihailo Palov’’ Vrsac, Cultural Information Center ‘’Pralipe’’ Pirot with the support of the Ministry of Labour, Employment, Veteran and Social Affairs as the main beneficiary of the project.

Project “European Support to Inclusive Society”, which is funded by the EU with 5,4 mil. Euro, aims at providing for greater social inclusion of vulnerable groups in Serbia including elderly, children, Roma and others. In the framework of this project EU has granted 28 projects with 4.3 mil. Euro, that will be implemented in 36 towns and municipalities by the end of 2017. Projects implemented by the republic and provincial institutions of social protection, towns and municipalities, social work centers, citizens associations and foundations, educational institutions and public utility companies, will increase the scope and quality of services in the local communities and through that, strengthen social inclusion of vulnerable groups.

Project is being implemented by the Delegation of the European Union to the Republic of Serbia ( ) in cooperation with the Ministry of labour, employment, veteran and social policy ( ).

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Photo: OŠ Milić Rakić Mirko