16 October 2013 Aleksinac – Municipal administration of Aleksinac hosted the 1st workshop on inters
ectoral cooperation on the reduction of early school leaving in Aleksinac. The following institutions participated:
1. Municipality of Aleksinac
2. Youth Office
3. Center for Social Work,
4. Primary School Karadjordje,
5. Association for the Development of Creativity Aleksinac
6. Teacher Training College Aleksinac
7. Student Parliament.

The aim was to make the first steps towards intersectoral partnership, and to provide for:
a) better understanding of the program
b) better understanding of responsibilities and roles of public and private institutions
c) task division in implementation of TUTORING program in Aleksinac.

The workshop was facilitated by Mr. Marko Stojanović from WEBIN.
On this occasion, the Memorandum on Cooperation was signed between WEBIN and Municipality of Aleksinac.


For more information please contact Ms. Jelena Bubanja at tutoring(at)wb-institute.org.

Photos: WEBIN 2013